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CTV Advertising Is Booming in Brazil

Senior VP of Business Development at Metaxsoft shares her insights about the CTV market and how MetaX can help you leverage the trend to reach more target audiences on the TV screens. 

MetaX is an innovative software company and brings its proprietary CTV advertising platform to the Brazilian market, providing a massive inventory of exclusive placements in the system and in applications with various possibilities for advertisers. 

By massively aggregating local CTV traffic in Brazil, MetaX Software takes the lead in CTV advertising and helping advertisers reach the vast majority of people in this country. In Brazil, MetaX has on its platform 4.5 million connected TVs that means reaching 100 million daily traffic in CTV. 

MetaX CTV advertising platform is already marketed in Brazil, Mexico, Germany, Australia, Indonesia, and other important countries in South America, Europe, and Southeast Asia. 

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Senior VP Business Development at Metaxsoft